10 października 2010

JDD 2010 from my perspective

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  1. Yeah, this poster about "the biggest Java conference in Poland" made us laugh a lot too. 1 room (+3 small for trainings), 2 days, with NO simultanous sessions - that's supposed to be the "biggest conference"..? There was a LOT more going on on the free and awesome Javarsovia! Not even mentioning the (1+2) days * 3 sessions GeeCON event.

    Having that said, the level of the speaches was somehow "meh" - last year's event had a lot great speakers but this time it seemed to me that a lot sponsors dropped out, which also may have led to some organizational problems... Ah well, nevermind... :-)

    Too bad I didn't recognize you, we could've have a talk about sth... :-)

  2. Heh, maybe another time. Someone told me recently that my photo here isn't very actual and he's probably right :)
    There is Warsjawa very, very soon (probably 21-22.10) (http://github.com/warszawajug/warsjawa2010/wiki/Konferencja-Warsjawa-2010) and probably I will attend too so there's a good occasion to meet and socialize :)

  3. I recognized You on Scala workshop exactly based on this blog's photo - so it's not so bad :)

    I share Your opinion on Scala workshop and presentation and most opinions about whole conference - I'll write some post about it in few days.

    P.S. it wasn't cold (for me) at workshops :)

  4. @Krzysztof
    So why you didn't shout "Hey you, blogger?" :) By the way I wonder how many people would respond ;)

  5. :D at least one more as I know (Tomasz Nurkiewicz http://nurkiewicz.blogspot.com/2010/10/functional-java-developers-day-2010.html). I only recognized Your face but without a name so I would shame on me :)but that's true, I (we?) should talk more between ourselves at such events.

  6. I will attend a Warsjawa this Saturday so don't hesitate if you see my ugly face :)