19 grudnia 2010

What would you do if your boss give you one week for self-education?

Let’s suppose following scenario:

You are somewhat experienced Java Developer working on a very sophisticated project in the science sector. You create very, very complicated module using very, very time-consuming algorithm which can not be multithreaded. And when you are ready, tests with small data portions went fine, your boss comes to your desk and clicks big, red button on your monitor to proudly start the whole process. Of course nothing bad happens, you just can observe growing CPU and memory usage. Your team expect that those calculation will take about one week to finish and give you results which are indispensable for you next tasks. It’s JIRA blocker status and until it finishes, you had nothing to do. Your boss asks you to visit him in his room and sais:

- Tom, you did a great job with this module. Everything seems to run smoothly and I can not wait to see the results! We must wait one week and it’s a spare time which I would like you to use for you self-education and self-development. What you are going to do and learn?

Of course we don’t know whether this boss is going to pay Tom for this time or not :) But it’s not the case. Tom now has a problem: 40 hours of free time which he can spend on any technology/methodology/language/etc he wants to learn and this opportunity comes to him so unexpectedly that he can not make up his mind.

Please help him! What would YOU do with these 40 hours? :)

PS: As I am migrating my blog to my own domain, a few posts in the future will be published in both places to allow You, reader, to change address and rss smoothly :)

New blog address: http://tomaszdziurko.pl
New RSS link: http://www.tomaszdziurko.pl/feed

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